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Lychee Heart
Lychee Heart

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Ingredients all Lychee Heart

  1. Needed : Shiratamako.

  2. Needed : Soy milk.

  3. Needed : Water.

  4. Needed : Lychee berries (Reishi).

  5. Prepare : White kikurage mushrooms (dried).

  6. Needed : Raisins.

  7. Needed : Chinese wolfberry fruit.

  8. Prepare : Pine nuts.

  9. Prepare : ☆Water.

  10. Prepare : ☆Umeshu - Japanese plum wine.

  11. Prepare : ☆Sugar.

  12. Needed : ☆Lemon juice.

  13. Prepare : ☆Tender stewed chicken (anise, removed from the meat).

  14. Needed : ☆Cinnamon stick.

If all ingredients Lychee Heart it’s ready, We’re going into the cooking stage. Below is how to serving with relaxing.

Step by Step Cooking Lychee Heart

  1. Rehydrate the kikurage mushrooms in water..

  2. Make the syrup. Place the ☆ ingredients together on the burner, bring to a boil and reduce the heat to low, cover with a lid, boil for 3 minutes, and remove from the burner..

  3. Stew the Chinese wolfberries, raisins, and white kikurage mushrooms in the syrup, let cool, and then chill in the fridge..

  4. Combine the soy milk with the shiratama flour, mix well, and let sit for about 15 minutes..

  5. Add water a bit at a time and knead until smooth once the soy milk is blended in. Make sure not to add too much water. Try to make a ball. If the sides collapse, then you used too much water. Add more flour and knead some more..

  6. Separate 40%, divide that amount in half, and shape into ovals as shown in the photo..

  7. Stick the bottom halves together as shown in the photo..

  8. Taper the ends that are stuck together, and make a plump heart. Dip your fingers into water once the surface has dried, and replenish the moisture..

  9. Place the heart onto the middle finger of your left hand, and taper with your thumb and index finger. It will become round when boiled, so make it as sharp as possible..

  10. Line up the hearts with space between each one, and let harden in the fridge for about 20 minutes. You don't need to cover them with plastic wrap. I used a supermarket plastic tray in the photo. Place into a plastic storage bag etc after they harden, and you can freeze them. Boil right before serving..

  11. Bring water to boil in a pot, and boil the shiratama flour hearts. Take them out into cold water once they float to the surface, and let cool. This is what it should look like after boiling. Pile them up, but taper beforehand for a cool effect..

  12. Serve together with washed and skinned lychee berries , shiratama flour hearts, the syrup from step 3, white kikurage mushrooms, raisins, and Chinese wolf berries. Top with pine nuts for the finishing touch. The photo shows one serving with 4 lychee berries, and 10 hearts..

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