How to Make Perfect Italiano Sushi Or Aubergine Rolls

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Italiano Sushi Or Aubergine Rolls
Italiano Sushi Or Aubergine Rolls

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Ingredients all Italiano Sushi Or Aubergine Rolls

  1. Needed : For rice preparation.

  2. Prepare 2 cups : rice.

  3. Needed 1 1/2 cup : water.

  4. Prepare 1 tsp : salt.

  5. Needed 1/2 tsp : lime juice.

  6. Needed 1/2 tsp : turmeric powder.

  7. Prepare 2 : medium size grated carrot.

  8. Needed 1 : medium size diced onion.

  9. Needed Handful : chopped Coriander leaves.

  10. Prepare 10-12 : finely diced garlic.

  11. Needed 1 tsp : salt for sauteing veggies.

  12. Needed 1 : green Chilli Finely chopped(optional).

  13. Prepare 1/2 inch : cinnamon stick.

  14. Prepare 1 tsp : red chilli Powder.

  15. Prepare As needed : Bechamel Sauce Or White Sauce.

  16. Prepare : as required Marinara Sauce.

  17. Prepare 4 : 4 Eggplants.

  18. Prepare : as required For frying or grilling and prolling or making sushi.

  19. Needed : as required Oil for brushing.

  20. Prepare As needed : Salt for sprinkling.

  21. Needed : For baking.

  22. Needed 1 cup : shredded mozzarella cheese or any of your choice.

If all ingredients Italiano Sushi Or Aubergine Rolls it’s ready, We’re going into the cooking stage. Below is how to serving with relaxing.

Process Cooking Italiano Sushi Or Aubergine Rolls

  1. To begin with let's start cooking the rice by adding water, salt, turmeric powder and lime juice (optional) to it. Mix those all well cover it and cook till 80% done because we will cook it further with the veggies and later bake it. The rice should be like all the grains are separated and almost done. You can adjust the salt as per your taste. You can also avoid using turmeric powder but it has a nutritional value plus it adds a beautiful colour to the dish. Once done keep it aside to cool down.

  2. Now let's prepare the veggies mix for the veg fried rice. Add 3-4 tbsp oil in a pan when get heated add the diced garlic and saute until the rawness goes away later add diced onions to it and mix well. Add salt to it to make it caramelise quickly. When onions get translucent add the grated garlic and mix well. Cook till gets soft. Then add red chilli Powder, chopped green chillies and cinnamon stick break the stick in pieces. Cook it very well until well combined and properly cooked..

  3. Once the veggies are done add the cooked rice to it and mix very well but very gently. Mix it from bottom to top folding it gently to coat it completely with the veggie mix. Then add the chopped coriander leaves and mix again. By this the mix veg rice is ready. You can pack this in your kids lunch box in your tiffin or can eat any time it tastes yumm..

  4. We will need marinara sauce and bechamel sauce or white sauce for this recipe. You can check the detail recipe of both the sauces in my previous recipe. All you have to do is go to my account and check.😊.

  5. Now time to cut the eggplant. I have taken four big size eggplant. For this recipe you have to take the big eggplants. Wash and pat dry them then cut both the end of it and cut it into 1/4 inch thick longitudinal slices. Once done with all the eggplants then brush it with oil and sprinkle some salt on it. Then either grill it on a grilling pan or bake it at 180°c for 15-20 minutes. Grill or bake it to the point that it get soft and done but not tear up or get mushy..

  6. Time for assembling all the things are ready. Always cut and grill or roast the eggplant at last because it's turns black very fast due to the high iron content in it. Add 5-6 tbsp white sauce to the rice to make it soft and juicy. You can add more if you like then mix it very well. Now take a lemon size rice mix and press it tightly and give it an oblong shape then cover it with a slice of grilled eggplant to give it a sushi look. Like so make all the sushi..

  7. Make all the sushi as shown in the pic and meanwhile preheat the oven at 180°c for 15-20 minutes. Then take a baking dish add a generous layer of marinara sauce on it. It should be a good and thick layer of the sauce. Then start assembling the prepared sushi on it..

  8. Arrange all the prepared sushi in a row above the marinara sauce then add some marinara sauce on top of it followed by some white sauce or bechamel sauce. Add a generous layer of both the sauces or adjust the quantity as per you like. Then add some shredded mozzarella cheese on top of it. Again you can use any Cheese and can add how much you like. Then bake it on 180°c for 25-30 minutes..

  9. Don't bake it too much bake it only to the point that that cheese melts and everything is well cooked. Allow it to cool down a bit then serve it as it is or with the sauces you have prepared..

  10. Make it and enjoy it with your loved ones. Happy cooking and baking.

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