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  1. Needed : chicken marinade.

  2. Needed : chicken breast cut into 2 - 3 cm chunks.

  3. Needed : plain yoghurt.

  4. Prepare : vegetable oil.

  5. Prepare : tandoori masala (preferably powdered form).

  6. Needed : garam masala.

  7. Needed : saffron threads crushed.

  8. Needed : salt.

  9. Prepare : garlic paste.

  10. Prepare : ginger paste.

  11. Prepare : butter chicken gravy.

  12. Prepare : raw cashews.

  13. Needed : ghee.

  14. Prepare : large onion diced.

  15. Needed : butter (70-85 grams).

  16. Prepare : green cardamoms (whole spice).

  17. Needed : black cardamoms (whole spice).

  18. Needed : bay leaves (whole spice).

  19. Prepare : mace blade (whole spice).

  20. Needed : fenugreek seeds (whole spice).

  21. Needed : tomato puree.

  22. Needed : kashmiri chilli (powder spice).

  23. Needed : coriander seed powder (powder spice).

  24. Needed : cumin seed powder (powder spice).

  25. Needed : garam masala (powder spice).

  26. Prepare : sugar.

  27. Prepare : kasuri methi.

  28. Prepare : cream.

  29. Needed : coriander leaves.

  30. Needed : water as required.

  31. Prepare : salt to taste.

If all ingredients BUTTER CHICKEN / MURGH MAKHANI it’s ready, We’re going into the cooking stage. Below is how to serving with relaxing.


  1. CHICKEN MARINADE: Add all ingredients into a mixing bowl and stir until a consistent orange color is achieved and chicken is evenly coated. Cover and leave to marinade in fridge for 4 to 24 hours..

  2. COOKING CHICKEN: Preheat oven to 240 degrees celsius and have grill function on as well if your oven will allow. On a large flat baking pan place a wire rack. Lightly coat wire rack with spray oil and place chicken onto rack. Try to leave some space between each piece of chicken as we want to slightly char the outside of each piece. You may need to do this in two batches..

  3. COOKING CHICKEN: Place into oven near the top and cook for 10 minutes, turn chicken over and cook for a further 5 minutes. Time may vary slightly depending on the oven. You are looking to slightly char the surface of the chicken without cooking all the way through..

  4. BUTTER CHICKEN GRAVY: Blend cashews into a fine powder if you have a small spice grinder attachment. Stir into 1/2 cup of water to create a 'cashew milk'. If not add to normal blender with 1/2 cup of water and blend into 'cashew milk'. This can be set aside for now..

  5. Heat ghee in large kadai or saute pan (at least 3 litres). Add onion and saute till translucent. Do not allow the onion to brown or burn. Allow to cool enough for your blender (good blenders can go in hot) and add 1/2 cup of water to achieve a smooth paste. This can be set aside for now..

  6. In the same pan heat 3 tbsp of butter and add in all of the 'whole spices' and saute for 1 minute. Don't burn them!.

  7. Now add in our onion paste and the tomato puree and cook for 5 mins stirring regularly to keep spluttering under control. You can add a little water if needed..

  8. Add in our 'cashew milk' passing it through a fine strainer. Press through with a spatula to get as much of the mixture without any chunks getting through. Add all of the 'powder spices',sugar and 1/2 cup of water and stir through. You may need to add more water. Do not make the gravy too runny, it should be a gravy consistency. Cook until the gravy begins to bubble. Lower temperature to a simmer..

  9. Add cream and mix through. Add kasuri methi crushing between your thumb and palm and mix through..

  10. Add our charred chicken pieces and stir through. Add 2 tbsp of butter (less or more to taste/indulgence). Add salt to taste. Simmer for at least ten minutes ensuring chicken is cooked through. Again you can add water if gravy has become too thick..

  11. Remove whole spices to the best of your ability. It doesn't matter if there's some left in the dish. Some people might find it unpleasant to bite into but it's not bad for you..

  12. Enjoy!!!!.

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