How to Prepare Yummy Mikes Shrimp Creole Bayou Swamp Sauce

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Mike's Shrimp Creole & Bayou Swamp Sauce
Mike's Shrimp Creole & Bayou Swamp Sauce

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Ingredients all Mike's Shrimp Creole & Bayou Swamp Sauce

  1. Prepare : Creole Shrimp - Sausage - Bayou Swamp Sauce & Supplies.

  2. Needed : FOR THE SHRIMP BRINE 3 lb Frozen EX Large Raw Gulf Shrimp [shell in - de-veined - rinsed].

  3. Needed 4 tbs : Kosher Salt & 3 tbs Granulated Sugar [for the shrimp brine].

  4. Needed : FOR THE BAYOU SWAMP SAUCE 1 large Lemon [cut in half - reserve half for shrimp boil].

  5. Prepare 3 stick : [4 oz] Quality UNSALTED Butter [like Tillamook].

  6. Prepare 1 lb : Pre-Cooked Smoked Andouille [sliced at angle].

  7. Prepare 1/3 cup : Red Tabasco [+ extra to taste].

  8. Prepare 1/2 cup : Seafood Broth.

  9. Needed 5 tbsp : Jarred Minced Garlic.

  10. Needed 1 tbsp : Each: Creole Seasoning - Cayenne Pepper - Old Bay Seasoning - Paprika - Red Pepper Flakes - Black Pepper - Onion Powder.

  11. Needed 1/2 tsp : Italian Seasoning.

  12. Needed 1 : Medium White Onion [chopped].

  13. Prepare 3 : large Stalks Celery [with leaves - chopped].

  14. Needed 1/4 cup : Chives [chopped].

  15. Prepare 1 : Medium Green Bell Pepper [chopped].

  16. Needed 1 (12 oz) : Bottle Red Tabasco Or Louisiana Hot Sauce [for serving].

  17. Needed 1/2 cup : Chopped Fresh Parsley & Chives [for plate garnish].

  18. Needed 1/3 tsp : Lemon Pepper.

  19. Needed : FOR THE KITCHEN EQUIPMENT 1 large Pan With Lid 1 Large Pot With Lid.

  20. Needed 1 : large Plastic Bowl [for brining shrimp].

  21. Prepare 1 : large Strainer.

  22. Prepare : Bread.

  23. Prepare : FOR THE SOPPING BREAD 2 extra large soft Loaf Artisanal Or French Bread [3" thick sliced].

  24. Needed : Garlic Butter Mixture.

  25. Needed : FOR THE GARLIC BUTTER SPREAD 2 sticks (4 oz) Unsalted Tillamook Real Butter [room temp].

  26. Prepare 1/3 cup : Shredded Parmesan Cheese.

  27. Needed 2 tbsp : Puréed Garlic.

  28. Prepare 1 dash : Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  29. Prepare 1 tbsp : Each: Dried Parsley & Dried Chives.

  30. Needed 1/2 tsp : Each: Italian Seasoning & Red Pepper Flakes.

  31. Needed 1/2 tbsp : Creole Seasoning.

  32. Prepare 1/4 tsp : Lemon Pepper.

  33. Needed 1/2 tsp : Onion Powder.

  34. Needed 1 1/2 tsp : Granulated Garlic.

  35. Needed 1/2 tsp : Paprika [sprinkle optional].

If all ingredients Mike's Shrimp Creole & Bayou Swamp Sauce it’s ready, We’re going into the cooking stage. Below is how to serving with relaxing.

Stages Cooking Mike's Shrimp Creole & Bayou Swamp Sauce

  1. Chef's Note:

Other than the brining process, do not add any additional salt to this dish. The Lemon Pepper, Hot Sauce, Creole and Old Bay Seasonings will each have plenty of sodium within them..

  1. For shrimp brine.

  2. Add 1 cup hot water, 4 tbs kosher salt and 3 tbs granulated sugar to a plastic bowl. Mix well until completely dissolved..

  3. Place uncooked, frozen shrimp in bowl and add 4 cups of ice to it. Brine should be at 36° - 40° to be effective. Also, add just enough cold water to totally cover shrimp.

Your shrimp are now dethawing and brining in this mixture. This method will plump your shrimp and lend that delectable fresh snap to them we all crave.

Allow shrimp to brine for 2 hours..

  1. Following brine - preheat oven to 350°.

  2. For vegetables, spices and bayou swamp sauce.

  3. Fine chop bell pepper, celery with leaves, garlic, white onions, chives, parsley and juice half lemon.

Also, slice pre-cooked Andouille Sausage into bite sized pieces at a slant or angle..

  1. In a large pan with tight fitting lid, place all other ingredients [except for shrimp, garnishments other lemon half] and simmer 1/2 hour stirring regularly..

  2. In the last 15 minutes of Step #8, bring your 2nd pot with water and 1/2 squeezed lemon to a very rapid boil. Leave lemon half in pot.

Add shrimp for 3 minutes. Drain shrimp in strainer immediately and quickly run cold water over shrimp to halt the cooking process..

  1. Quickly peel shrimp and add to simmering Bayou Swamp Sauce. Let simmer on low for 2 minutes. Your shrimp will absorb the Creole seasonings as they tighten up. Stir occasionally..

  2. Serve with sides of Tabasco Or Louisiana Hot Sauce and garnish plate with fresh chopped Parsley and Chives..

  3. Chef's Note: Make certain you stir this dish well before serving each bowl. If not, all solid ingredients will sink to the bottom of the sauce pan once motion has stopped. At that point, all the oil from the butter will rise to the top..

  4. For your garlic spread.

  5. Evenly slice French Bread into 3" thick slices..

  6. Mix all ingredients in the Garlic Butter Seasoning category together very well. Slightly heat in microwave if need be..

  7. Place bread on cookie sheet butter side down. Lightly sprinkle bread slices with Paprika for both color and spice if desired..

  8. Bake 15 minutes at 350° or, until they're crispy and golden brown. Be careful to not over bake..

  9. Enjoy!.

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