Easiest Way to Prepare Yummy Fried goat meat

Without fail cooking ultimate Fried goat meat easy, bouncy, practical. Today we are talking about Tasso Kabrit which is fried goat meat, the best option for those people who are staying away from the pork griyo (they don't dine on the swine LOL). You can also make Tasso Den (turkey) and tasso vyan bef (beef). So I have some tips for you when buying your goat meat. Season with salt, paprika, lemon juice and garlic. Mix until the meat is well seasoned.

Fried goat meat
Fried goat meat

Heat oil in pan, fry until browned, Taste for seasoning and adjust accordingly.

Place goat pieces in bag with flour and shake until thoroughly coated.

Be careful to keep the oil hot enough to fry the goat, but not so high as it burns the goat.

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Ingredients for Fried goat meat

  1. Needed 1 : lap goat meat.

  2. Prepare 4 : garlic.

  3. Needed 1 tbsp : each thyme,curry,ginger.

  4. Prepare 6 : maggi cubes.

  5. Needed 1 tsp : salt.

  6. Prepare : I medium size onion.

  7. Prepare 1 litre : veg oil.

Tassot de Cabrit is Fried Goat Meat Bits.

Tassot de Cabrit is a very traditional Haitian meat dish.

A goat leg or Gigot is used to make this recipe.

When buying goat meat, the preferred choice is fresh meat from a butcher.

If all ingredients Fried goat meat it’s ready, We’re going into the cooking stage. Below is how to serving with relaxing.

Step by Step Cooking Fried goat meat

  1. Cut meat into desired size, wash, season and cook until tender.

  2. Drain using a kitchen basket.

  3. Heat up veg oil and fry until well fried to your taste. Scoup into a basket and allow to cool..

  4. Your fried goat meat is ready!.

You may also want to buy Halal meat goat if you can.

If not available, frozen goat meat can be used.

Tassot is a popular Haitian meat dish, traditionally made with goat, however, this can be substituted with beef.

This recipe was made with lamb, as it is quite similar in flavour to goat.

Tassot is usually served with Sauce Ti Malice (a spicy sauce), fried plantains and Diri Et Pois Coles (rice and beans) or Diri Jon Jon (mushroom rice).

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