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Beetroot Mix Veg Paratha
Beetroot Mix Veg Paratha

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Ingredients for Beetroot Mix Veg Paratha

  1. Needed 1 Tbs : Oil.

  2. Prepare 1 Tsp : Cumin Seeds.

  3. Prepare 1/4 Cup : Finely Chopped Onion.

  4. Needed 1/2 Cup : Shredded Beetroot.

  5. Needed 3 : Small Potatoes Cubed.

  6. Needed 1/4 Cup : Cauliflower Florets.

  7. Needed 1/8 Cup : French Beans.

  8. Needed 1 : Carrot chopped.

  9. Prepare 1/4 Cup : Sweet Peas.

  10. Needed 1/8 Cup : Sweet Corn.

  11. Needed 2 Tsp : Garlic Powder.

  12. Needed 1 Tsp : Ground Cinnamon.

  13. Prepare 1 Tsp : Amchur Powder.

  14. Prepare 2 : Green Chilies Finely Chopped.

  15. Needed 1 Tbs : Garam Masala.

  16. Needed 1 Tsp : Fennel Seeds.

  17. Prepare to taste : Salt.

  18. Needed 1/2 Cup : Shredded Cheese.

  19. Prepare : Dough:.

  20. Prepare 1 Cup : Whole wheat Flour.

  21. Needed 3/4 Cup : All-purpose Flour.

  22. Needed 1.5 Tsp : Salt or as required.

  23. Prepare 2 Tsp : Oil.

  24. Prepare 1/2 Cup : Water or as needed.

If all ingredients Beetroot Mix Veg Paratha it’s ready, We’re going into the cooking stage. Below is how to serving with relaxing.

Stages Cooking Beetroot Mix Veg Paratha

  1. Dough: Combine the all the ingredients in a deep bowl, mix well and knead into a soft dough using enough water. Keep aside..

  2. In a microwave safe bowl take Potatoes, Green French Beans, Green Peas, Corn, Cauliflower and carrot. Add water and cook them for 10 min in a microwave. Or you can cook them in pressure cooker till you hear one whistle..

  3. Once vegetables are cooked transfer everything to strainer..

  4. In a nonstick pan add oil and heat it up. Once oil is hot enough add cumin seeds..

  5. Now, add Onions and shredded Beetroot. Cook them for at least 3- 4 Min or until onions become translucent..

  6. Add all the cooked vegetables and spices, mix well and mash them with the masher or with the spatula. Taste the mixture for salt. Cook everything for another 4-5 Minutes. Switch off the flame..

  7. Transfer the stuffing to the bowl. Let it cool for 10 to 15 min. Meanwhile make a dough for Paratha. Let the dough rest for 15 Min..

  8. Now, add shredded cheese and chopped green onions to the prepared stuffing. Mix everything well. Divide the mixture in equal parts, make lemon size balls..

  9. Divide dough into equal parts. Dust and Roll a portion into a circle using all-purpose flour. Now, place divided stuffing balls in the center of the circle. Bring all sides together in the center and seal tightly..

  10. Roll the stuffed ball in circle by using all-purpose flour..

  11. Heat nonstick griddle or Pan, transfer the paratha onto the pan. Cook them both sides using little oil, till golden brown spots appear on both sides..

  12. Serve them hot with your favorite pickle or Yogurt..

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