Easiest Way to Cook Tasty MushroomyCheesy Pie

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Mushroomy-Cheesy Pie
Mushroomy-Cheesy Pie

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Ingredients all Mushroomy-Cheesy Pie

  1. Prepare : puff pastry.

  2. Prepare : cold cut meat of your choice.

  3. Prepare : easy melting cheese.

  4. Prepare : champion mushrooms.

  5. Needed : curd.

  6. Prepare : green pesto.

  7. Needed : tbp bolognese tomato sauce.

  8. Prepare : butter for buttering the ovenproof dish.

  9. Prepare : egg yolk for top of pie.

  10. Needed : For the caramelized onions.

  11. Prepare : powdered sugar.

  12. Needed : salt.

  13. Prepare : Oil for frying.

  14. Prepare : big onions.

  15. Needed : mustard with added horseradish.

  16. Prepare : masala spice mix.

  17. Needed : For tomato salad.

  18. Needed : red raddish.

  19. Prepare : big tomatoes.

  20. Prepare : big onion.

  21. Needed : Juice of one lemon.

  22. Needed : sugar.

  23. Needed : salt.

  24. Needed : For cucumber salad.

  25. Needed : big cucumber.

  26. Prepare : garlic.

  27. Needed : powdered sugar.

  28. Needed : Juice of half lemon.

  29. Prepare : salt.

If all ingredients Mushroomy-Cheesy Pie it’s ready, We’re going into the cooking stage. Below is how to serving with relaxing.

Process Cooking Mushroomy-Cheesy Pie

  1. I buttered the ovenproof dish: bottom and walls too.

  2. Then I carefully put the puff pastry into the dish, best idea is to put two layers to "strenghten" the "walls"..

  3. Next I made the caramelized onions: on little oil I fried the onions, adding salt and sugar, scraping often. I did this on a low flame so they dont burn. When onions are caramelized I took them out of the pan but left the oil in it for the mushrooms..

  4. I peeled the champion mushroom and cut them into slices. I put them on the oil left behind by the onion, added some more oil, added the masala spice mix and added the mustard which has horse radish in it. I stirred them often, and I let them get a nice brown colour. Then I added back the caramelized onions and kept stirring for a short time on high flame..

  5. I put the cold cut meat as first layer on the puff pastry.

  6. Then added grated cheese and anothe layer of meet, and a layer of bolognese tomato sauce mixed with some green pesto.

  7. Then came the mushrooms with onion and more cheese.

  8. Next I mixed the curd with the rest of the pesto, put it as next layer, then covered it with another layer of cold cut meat. I put some mustard- horse radish mix on top of the meat..

  9. Next I made the decoration top out of puff pastry, gave it an egg yolh wash and put it in the oven on 250 degrees celcius, till the top puff pastry got golden..

  10. I made a salad by cutting the radish, tomato and onion into same sized cubes and gave it a dressing by mixing lemon juice with salt and sugar.

  11. For the cucumber salad I mixed the shredded cucumber with the smashed garlic cloves and gave it a dressing made of lemon juice with salt and sugar.

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